Saturdays are just one of those days we all crave for.

You know those days where you don’t need to wake up very early to rush to work or to prepare the children for school, that feeling of freedom from all office responsibilities and fear of being stuck in traffic? That’s one of the best days ever.

Unfortunately, the same Saturday comes with its own headache. In fact, it seems to be one of the days with the most workload. Imagine having to do laundry of all you wore throughout the week. It even gets stringent when you have a young family, and so, the laundry is either multiplied or tripled. Then comes the vigorous task of cleaning the house and allowing fresh air to circulate in the home. Truth is, these responsibilities can be more tasking than regular office work but then, there is something unique about Saturday work and that is the fact that you enjoy the stress and satisfaction that comes with it.

You know that deep breath you take when you are finally done with all your chores on Saturdays and you look around your home and be satisfied that you did a job well done? Yes, that’s it. I will like to call it Stressful-Joy.

Also, there is one other thing unique to Saturday mornings and that is the fact that everybody is eagerly working to finish their chores on time, especially laundry. I’m not sure if this is only unique to people around Ikeja Lagos, but I’m sure that it is always a thing of celebration for them to successfully do their laundry on this day. I remember back in those days when I visited a friend of mine where I witnessed her washing her clothes on a Friday midnight just to make sure her laundry was done. She complained that almost everybody comes out to sun-dry their clothes on Saturdays which can at some point limit space for others to do theirs and so, she would rather do it at midnight than drag space.

I on the other hand, always start my Saturday duties early at 6:00am so that I will be done by 10:am. I like starting on time when people are still enjoying their early morning rest so that I will have little or no distractions. Also, while growing up, I noticed I easily get lazy on Saturdays and so, I developed a strategy to always start early. This strategy has always been a goal-getter for me and up to date, I still make use of it.

I also understand that some other people like to enjoy their Saturday mornings and do their chores in the evenings or much later in the day but this is how I Like to make use of my Saturday mornings so that I can have time for my research while also getting ready for

How about you? When do you do your Saturday chores? Mornings or evenings?



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Patience Igwe

A talented and result-oriented web3 content writer/community manager, a cryptocurrency thought leader with 2years plus experience in blockchain technology.