Could this really be true about Cryptocurrency?

So, I made a post on a subtle guide to Cryptocurrency, and I remember stating that Ethereum was the second ever created #cryptocurrency , hoping to get a counter to this effect.

But the truth is that even before the evolution of #bitcoin, a whole lot of people have tried to create digital assets all which did not last. Bitcoin managed to be the very first successful cryptocurrency and this is why it is the father of all #cryptos .

Noteably, #litecoin took the stand as the second created cryptocurrency to evolve in 2011. Ethereum on it’s own part which came to light in 2015 became the second most popular digital token after #BTC . Infact, it is believed that #Ethereum is the champion of cryptocurrency innovation with its POW, POS consensus mechanism.

We are still in the early phases of cryptocurrency and with the ongoing massive adoption, I bet you that Crypto is the future and that future has just begun.

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Igwe Ihuoma Patience is a self-taught creative and industry specific content writer, cryptocurrency enthusiast with 2years plus experience and knowledge of the constantly evolving blockchain space.

I am skilled in content creation, copy writing, curating captions, video editing & graphic designing with mobile phones and I teach others how to get started in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and My goal is to make blockchain learning and updates easy for anyone to understand.



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