So far in 2022, the beacons are mounted and it takes only those who had made good plans to have started crushing their goals or at least started taking steps towards crushing those goals.

What plans did you make for this year and what are your strategies to effect them? This is a question only you can answer.

Even if you are yet to make any plan, all hope is not lost as you can make those plans now

Time is precious and you cannot afford to waste any bit of it. Not this year.

So, get up today, make those plans and start smashing those goals.

About the Author

I am skilled in content creation, copy writing, curating captions, video editing & graphic designing with mobile phones and I teach others how to get started in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and My goal is to make blockchain learning and updates easy for anyone to understand.



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Patience Igwe

A talented and result-oriented web3 content writer/community manager, a cryptocurrency thought leader with 2years plus experience in blockchain technology.